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Label of country for currency JPY is Japan, currency label is Japanese yen

French label of country using FRF is "France (-> Euro)", currency name is "Franc français"

Im Deutsch, Währung ATS ist Österreich (-> Euro)

FRF currency in portuguese is França (-> Euro)

Label for GBP in japanese is "グレートブリテン"

Converting 123.45 EUR in USD on 15/12/2011 - ResultAmount=123.709245, DD=15, MM=12, YYYY=1999, C1=EUR, C2=USD, OriginalAmount=123.45, ExchangeRate=1.0021, Comment=Invalid user/password so all conversions will be made on a date in 1999 !

Converting 123.45 EUR in GBP on 14/02/2013 with login/password provided - ResultAmount=106.09293000000001, DD=14, MM=02, YYYY=2013, C1=EUR, C2=GBP, OriginalAmount=123.45, ExchangeRate=0.8594, Comment=

Converting 123.45 EUR in GBP on 01/01/1930 with login/password provided - ResultAmount=0, DD=, MM=, YYYY=, C1=EUR, C2=GBP, OriginalAmount=123.45, ExchangeRate=0, Comment=No rate for query select C1.DATE_COURS DATE_C1, 123.45*C2.COURS/C1.COURS CRS, C2.COURS/C1.COURS EXCHANGERATE from COURS C1, COURS C2 where C1.DATE_COURS=C2.DATE_COURS and C1.ISOCODE='EUR' and C2.ISOCODE='GBP' and C1.DATE_COURS>='1953-01-01' and C1.DATE_COURS='1930/01/01' and no rate before original date

Converting 123.45 EUR in GBP on today's date no password provided (should use year 1999 because no credentials) - ResultAmount=86.698935, DD=21, MM=01, YYYY=1999, C1=EUR, C2=GBP, OriginalAmount=123.45, ExchangeRate=0.7023, Comment=Invalid user/password so all conversions will be made on a date in 1999 !

Converting 123.45 EUR in GBP on today's date with login/password provided - ResultAmount=103.2449385, DD=21, MM=01, YYYY=2022, C1=EUR, C2=GBP, OriginalAmount=123.45, ExchangeRate=0.83633, Comment=

Converting 123.45 USD in GBP on 15/12/1953 with login/password provided - ResultAmount=44.319172558350004, DD=15, MM=12, YYYY=1953, C1=USD, C2=GBP, OriginalAmount=123.45, ExchangeRate=0.359005043, Comment=

calling ListCurrencies()

NumberIsocodeCountryLabelNb DecMode C
1ADFAndorra (->Euro)Andorranischer Franc20
2ADPAndorra (Peseta->Euro)Andorranische Pesete00
3AEDVereinigte arabische EmirateVAE-Dirham21
4AFAAfghanistan (->AFN)Afghanischer Afghani00
5AFNAfghanistanAfghanischer Afghani20

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