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Major fx rates :
1 EUR=1.0594 USD
1 EUR=158.1 JPY
1 EUR=0.8646 GBP
1 USD=149.24 JPY
1 USD=0.9127 CHF
1 GBP=1.2253 USD
1 USD=1.3429 CAD
1 USD=1.5423 AUD
1 EUR=0.9669 CHF
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Rates on 29 September 2023
About fxtop.com :

Who are we ?
Fxtop company was established in 2001, our activity is software editor (especially this web site). We are independant and we don't take part in Forex market.

Our aim is to make this site easy to use by anybody.
This site offers the following services :
- huge historical forex rate history since 1953
- conversion in the past feature
- inflation history for major countries
- currencies, euro & European Monetary Union (EMU) information
It is useful for anybody in the world.

Press release
Fxtop is reference for currency conversion and historical exchange rates. Here is some press release about us :
AFP press release talks about us on January 3rd 1999 for euro launchover, this was reproduced by several newspapers including (Le Monde dated 4th January 1999)
Le Monde French leading newspaper cited us a reference as a good currency converter in 2001
January 2002 French leader in scientific magazine "Science et Vie" talks about us in a full page with a print screen.
Our graphs are used as reference in book Economics, 13th edition, Authors: Richard Lipsey & Alec Chrystal published by Oxford University Press in spring 2015
Book "The Future of the Natural Gas Market in Southeast Europe" (2010) by Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (World Bank)
Book "Black Wednesday 1992. Crisis Scenario Around the British Pound and One-Way-Bet Scenario" published 20/05/2015 by Grin Verlag (author Jacquelin Rausch) cites us several times
Book "Comptes consolidés: IAS-IFRS et conversion monétaire" (2011) by Evelyne Gurfein
Book "Japan: The Basics" (2014) by Christopher P. Hood
Book "Inflation - Good or Bad" (2015) by Benjamin Robert Sill, Jr.
Book "Die Wahrungspolitik Chinas Im Wandel" (German) published in january 2015 by Grin Verlag (author Alexander Kuster) use our date and graphs in 3 different pages
Book "The New Domestic Automakers in the United States and Canada: History " (2014) by A. J. Jacobs
Book "Measuring Construction: Prices, Output and Productivity" (2015) by Rick Best,Jim Meikle
Book "L'oeuvre de magie et le droit" (2014) by Guilhem Julia
Book "Circulation non marchande et relations sociales dans un village du nord du Vietnam" (2015) by Emmanuel Pannier
Book "Internationale Logistik in und zwischen unterschiedlichen Weltregionen" (2013) by Ingrid Göpfert,David Braun
Book "Human Rights as War by Other Means: Peace Politics in Northern Ireland" (2014) by Jennifer Curtis
Book "Cycle Europe: 20 Tours, 20 Countries" (2004) by Jerry Soverinksy
Book "A History of the Berliner Ensemble" (2015) by David Barnett
Book "Conservative Economic Policymaking and the Birth of Thatcherism, 1964-1979" (2016) by Adrian Williamson
Book "Middle East and North Africa Quarterly Economic Brief, January 2015" by Shantayanan Devarajan
Book "Understanding and Governing Sustainable Tourism Mobility: Psychological and Behavioural Approaches" (2014) by Scott A. Cohen,James E.S. Higham,Gossling Stefan,Paul Peeters
Book "The Book in Africa: Critical Debates" (2015) by C. Davis,D. Johnson
Book "Managing a Chinese Partner: Insights from Gobal Companies" (2013) by L. Chong
Book "The Doubled Life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Women, Sexuality, and Nazi Germany" (2016) by Diane Reynolds
Book "Constitutions and Conflict Management in Africa: Preventing Civil War Through Institutional Design" (2015) by Alan J. Kuperman
Book "Principles of International Politics" (2013) by Bruce Bueno de Mesquita
Book "Mediterra (english): Logistics and agro-food trade, a challenge for the Mediterranean" (2014) by CIHEAM (Sciences Po)
Book "Traveler's Tool Kit: Mexico and Central America" (2008) by Rob Sangster,Tim Leffel
Book "French NGOs in the Global Era: A Distinctive Role in International Development" (2008) by G. Cumming
Book "Beyond the City: Resource Extraction Urbanism in South America" (2016) by Felipe Correa
Book "J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert E. Howard and the Birth of Modern Fantasy" (2014) by Deke Parsons

We are cited in numerous thesis that students nicely sent us.
uses of Fxtop as reference in press articles :
Philipine stars, march 2015
Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten 9 february 2016 Crash-Gefahr: Der globale Währungskrieg gerät ausser Kontrolle (German)
Seeking Alpha 22 February 2016 Driving factors affecting gold market need know
Rappler.com Peso depreciation : should we be worried
Business Insider the pound hists new 31 year low on october 4 20016
AgoraVox : Les etats-Unis et l'Europe cherchent ils à imposer une austérité à l'Europe ?
Slon.ru 21/05/2014 : use of historical inflation rates
(etc... please let us know if you know more publications because we are rarely noticed)

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Development of this currency converter site started in July 1997. It is aimed to help with the euro specific conversion rules.
The software underwent many modifications to thereafter bring new functionalities suggested by the users.
It was tested and is compatible with almost the whole of the navigators and operating systems that enable Javascript.
On December 31, 1998, the author had the idea to reserve the names of 655957.com field (6.55957 is the rate of the euro against the Franc) and 195583.com (1.95583 is the rate of the euro against the German mark). These fixed rates had been just fixed by the European union. Newspapers then immediately spoke about this site. It immediately knew much success.
It is available in 5 languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian) since May 1999, in 11 languages since January 2000 , Japanese since July 2000 and 6 new languages (Russian, Turk, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Hindi) since february 2016.

On 2 january 2001, introduction of Greek drachma in Euroland : 1 EUR = 340.750 GRD

On august 2001, creation of FXTOP company. Website transfered from author (Laurent PELE) to FXTOP company

On 14 october 2001, launch of a currency converter using historical exchange rates since 1990.

On 11 november 2001, launch of a pocket guide

On 20 november 2001, launch of a display of historical exchange rates since 1990

On 23rd november 2001, fxtop.com is the only internet site to be mentionned in an article about euro of french major daily newspaper "Le Monde".

On 15 december 2001, redesign of fxtop.com web site (English version)

On 31 december 2001, redesign of fxtop.com web site (French version)

January 2002, french major scientific magazine Science & Vie" reproduced a print screen of Fxtop currency converter and said it is easy to use.

On 7 january 2002, a new functionality is added : graphic of historical exchange rates between two dates.

On 3 february 2002, redesign of fxtop.com web site (German version)

On 24 february 2002, redesign of spanish version of fxtop.com web site

On 7 march 2002, redesign of italian version of fxtop.com web site

On 24 may 2002, graph enlargement of historical exchange rates with lines (in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian)

In 2004, Historic comparison graph added

From february 2011, Fxtop website is now hosted by ourselves with extra bandwidth and we can develop new features.

In april 2011, currency name added in historical currency converter (which uses today's rates by default).

On 8 may 2011, enhancement of performance display of historical exchange rates (use of cache, avoiding display of lots of value, extra vertical lines in the graph).

On 28 may 2011, new quick currency converter designed for smartphones and mobile phones.

On 14 june 2011, enhancement of performance, concurrent accesses and stability of web server. Migration to PHP 5.

On 20 june 2011, enhancement of Historic comparison graph

On 22nd june 2011, new Forex trends table that display changes over time for most currencies and sort them (display first currencies that increase most)

On 23rd june 2011, Japanese currency converter has same look and feel as in the other languages.

On 4th october 2011, add of 2 levels of zoom, flags, change, average and volatility on historical rates graph.

On 2nd of january 2012, new release of Quick currency converter for mobile phones, it was tested succesfully with iPhone 4, HTC HD2 (Windows Mobile with Internet Explorer and Opera browsers), Nokia N95, Wii, Nintendo Dsi XL, etc... Please let us know if you experience troubles while using it

On 26th march 2012, new page currency pair, grouping most information (historical graph, real time graph, historical changes equivalence sheet, cross table and currency converter) especially for a currency pair

On 4th avril 2012, enhancement of Zoom on historical rates chart page, now you can change dates or currencies and graphic is updated dynamically.

On 9th may 2012, migration of whole site to latest web standards : Unicode charset (UTF-8, to deal with any alphabet), XHTML format with W3C validation.

On 9th may 2012, historical exchange rates database extended : now official daily exchange rates from year 1979 (it was earlier starting from year 1990).

On 14th may 2012, historical exchange rates database extended : now official daily exchange rates from year 1953 [exchange rates coming from various central banks sources : Dutch central bank (dnb.nl), Deutsche Bundesbank (bbk.de), European Central Bank, Bank of England, US federal reserve, World Bank, Bank of Japan].

On 20th may 2012, add of web services descriptions and samples.

On 25 may 2012, add a print link on Historical exchange rates and Pocket guide pages.

On 29 may 2012, new option to choose japanese "candlestick chart" as a kind of graphic on Historical exchange rates, Currency pair portal and Zoom on historical rates chart.

On 8th june 2012, add of a search engine on top right of every page.

On 11th june 2012, add of a RSS flow.

On 1st july 2012, ad of a button to send link to a friend.

On 23rd july 2012, Full currency labels now available in historical currency converter, Historical exchange rates and Currency pair portal for 5 languages (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish)
For example instead of displaying "RUB Russia", we now display "RUB Russia [russian ruble]".

On 11th november 2012, Zoom on historical exchange rates graph can now be called directly.

On 18 february 2013, New page inflation calculator enables you to compute actual value for 10 currencies using Consumer Price Index CPI.
These results are also available in historical currency converter

On 11 march 2013, list of countries and their currencies include an interactive world map. When uou put your mouse over a country, it shows name of the country, the flag and associated currency. When you click on a country, detail of currency is displayed.

On 18 march 2013, Forex map page displays world map with currencies that increase (in green) or decrease (in red).

Since 5th april 2013, you can subscribe to our services and pay online to have immediate activation

On 15 april 2013, to compute average we don't take into account days off (saturdays, sundays and TARGET calendar) in Historical exchange rates.

On 26 july 2013, 2 new forms allow you to call REST web services and retrieve today's rates (or rates at a specific date) One with XML format, the other one with CSV text format (Excel compatible). More details on Developers page.

On 10 august 2013, inflation calculator now displays a chart with historical inflation data (Consumer Price Index-CPI) over the selected period.

On 18 august 2013, new funny world interactive map with flags for each country and their currencies

On 13 december 2013, new World inflation map displaying dynamically changes in inflation (Consumer price index) on a world map.

On 25 december 2013, New interactive world forex map displaying changes in currency exchange rates over a period.

On 10 march 2014, start responsive web design to adapt site rendering to tablets and smartphones (new menu).

From December 2015 to February 2016, add chinese, russian, thai, korean, turk and hindi sections. Extensions of coverage in german, spanish, italian, portuguese, japanese.

On 16 september 2016, automatic currency conversion is enabled in any currency converter (each time you change amount, equivalent amounts are recomputed). mobile converter merges with currency converter which recognizes which device you are using (mobile, tablet or desktop).

On 14 february 2017, add logarithmic scale option in Zoom on historical exchange rates graph.

On 14 october 2018, currency converter page is now using live (real time) prices ! You can still see daily reference rates (coming from central banks) in historical currency converter

On 29 october 2018, forex trends and forex map pages can now display differences between reference rate and latest live rates. For that, keep blank "end date" field or press on "quick link". For example, if you choose the "0 day" quick link, it will display changes between latest daily reference rate and latest live rate

On 30 November 2018, the Inflation calculator now integrates a table summarizing the inflation indexes and their recent changes (for 49 countries at this time). Just click on the links of the table to see evolution of the inflation rates !

On 4 December 2018, we added a possibility to display real time data (and not daily exchange rates from central banks) on graph of Historical exchange rates, real time data is available from 28 august 2018 for most currencies.

On 11 December 2018, we added on Historical exchange rates a table with daily exchange summary : daily reference rate (coming from central bank), average, min and max of live prices.

This software now exists in 18 languages :

If you want to translate it in another language, please contact us

This web site will continue to develop new useful services.
Don't hesitate to suggest us a new feature.

About fxtop domain name
The name "fxtop" comes from "fx" and "top", "fx" is a short cut for "foreign exchange".
It can be easily remembered by any person in the world.

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