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Currency Rate Amount Currency Rate Amount
eur EUR euro 1 frf FRF French Franc 6.55957
dem DEM German Mark 1.95583 ats ATS Austrian Schilling 13.7603
bef BEF/LUF Belgian/lux. Franc 40.3399 esp ESP Spanish Peseta 166.386
itl ITL Italian Lira 1936.27 iep IEP Irish Punt 0.787564
nlg NLG Dutch Guilder 2.20371 pte PTE Portuguese Escudo 200.482
fim FIM Finnish Markka 5.94573 grd GRD Greek Drachma 340.750
usd USD US Dollar aud AUD Australian Dollar
gbp GBP Great-Britain Pound chf CHF Swiss Franc
jpy JPY Japanese Yen cad CAD Canadian Dol.
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Note :
Amounts can be entered with a comma or dot to separate the decimal part.
The euro rates against the out currencies are refreshed daily and are the official ones published by the European Central Bank on 03 December 2020.
All official rules are used
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Major fx rates :
1 EUR=1.2151 USD
1 EUR=126.49 JPY
1 EUR=0.9036 GBP
1 USD=104.1 JPY
1 USD=0.8914 CHF
1 GBP=1.3448 USD
1 USD=1.2914 CAD
1 USD=1.3465 AUD
1 EUR=1.0831 CHF
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