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Major fx rates :
1 EUR=1.0868 USD
1 EUR=159.47 JPY
1 EUR=0.8579 GBP
1 USD=146.73 JPY
1 USD=0.8719 CHF
1 GBP=1.2668 USD
1 USD=1.3541 CAD
1 USD=1.5045 AUD
1 EUR=0.9476 CHF
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General links

Links without frames to one or several pages of this web site are welcome.
If you like, you can use one of the following logos for the link to that web site :
fxtop icon white background
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Be careful : these logos can only be reproduced on your web sites with links without frames.
Example of HTML code to insert :
<a href="/en/" target="_top"><img src="/ico/fxtop.gif" align="middle" alt="fxtop icon" />Currency converter</a>

Links for direct conversion

If you sell something on your web site or if you talk about an amount in a currency, your visitors may want to know the equivalent amount in other currencies. The visitors only have to click on the link and the amount will be automatically converted into other major currencies.

Example :
This item costs $ 123.45
Equivalent HTML code :
<a href="https://fxtop.com/en/currency-converter.php?C1=USD&amp;A=123.45" target="_top">$ 123.45</a>
where USD is the initial currency and 123.45 is the initial amount. More about this link syntax
Have a look at an example on a website giving English lessons in Sartrouville near Paris

You can put as many of such links on your web site and can generate it automatically if you have many items to sell on your web site (by a javascript, PHP or ASP script or CGI-BIN).

Example of form for your web site

Here is an example of form you can copy paste on your web site.
It allows visitors to do currency conversion on your web site.
The result page is on fxtop.com web site.
You can adapt the look and feel of this form
A form with more currencies and a feature to choose date in the past is also available

Specific Link

If you want a particular link (like a link in a frame or with a CGI script), please feel free to contact us to get the conditions of use.

There are more than 400 links to this web site all over the world.
The known ones are here (in French)
This web site is referenced by major world directories.

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