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Major fx rates :
1 EUR=1.0777 USD
1 EUR=155.53 JPY
1 EUR=0.8569 GBP
1 USD=144.32 JPY
1 USD=0.8758 CHF
1 GBP=1.2577 USD
1 USD=1.3572 CAD
1 USD=1.515 AUD
1 EUR=0.9438 CHF
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Rates on 08 December 2023
Customized currency conversion software on your website
This is a commercial service, ask us for the price and specific conditions relating to your needs.
You can get a customized version of this software on your Internet web site (or Intranet).
Usually, you replace the logo of this site by your logo and remove some links.
But you can also change the look & feel, colors (even add your adverts) if this does not alter the software properties. These changes in the design can also be done for you.
You can find an example (amongst others) of such a service here and another sample here

Exchange rates are updated daily if you like
In that case, there are 2 possibilities :
- the page with the currency converter is stored on this fxtop.com web site and visitors see it in a frame without noticing they have changed web site (this solution is easier).
- the page with the currency converter is stored on your web site and you must create a specific account and password to send the page by FTP protocol.

This service is available in 12 languages.
This is a commercial service and you should contact us to get details and conditions.

Specific services
If you have specific needs like :
- integrating the currency converter on your Internet web site or Intranet
- information services on currency exchange rates on your web site
- providing interexchange files with currency exchange rate (with format like XML, SQL, CSV (text files separated by semi colon that can be read by Excel)) available daily on our web site (or sent to you to your FTP server or by mail or available on our FTP server).
- web service to retrieve individual exchange rates (today or in the past) with technologies like XML, RSS, SOAP, WSDL. We support SSL (Secured Socket Layer) for encryption of individual conversions.
- web development (HTML, Javascript, PHP, Java, XML, databases (MySql, Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server)...)
- contents creation
- design (web site, trademarks, logos...)
- consulting (finance, Internet, Computer Science, Euro, cryptography, monetics & smartcards), advice, technical support...
Please feel free to contact us and explain your needs.

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