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Major fx rates :
1 EUR=1.1345 USD
1 EUR=128.95 JPY
1 EUR=0.8369 GBP
1 USD=113.67 JPY
1 USD=0.9117 CHF
1 GBP=1.3555 USD
1 USD=1.258 CAD
1 USD=1.392 AUD
1 EUR=1.0343 CHF
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Rates on 22 January 2022 12:12 CEST

Currency pair

Latest exchange rates :
on 22 January 2022 12:12 CEST
31.103 XAU-Gold gram [Gold gram]=1 835.72 USD-United States [US dollar / $]
31.103 USD-United States [US dollar / $]=0.526934 XAU-Gold gram [Gold gram]
Historical exchange rates : More options
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Cross fx rates : More options
XAU (oz)
XAUXAU (oz)11 835.7201(*)2 555.39812 309.34471 673.64561 618.1231 354.2751208 663.5518

(*) Example :1 XAU-Gold gram [Gold gram]=59.0207 USD-United States [US dollar / $]

Changes in currency exchange rates against gold : More options
Currencies that increase the most appear first
1 day :
BRL BRL Brazil [Brazilian real]0.381023 %
JPY JPY Japan [Japanese yen]0.306487 %
ARS ARS Argentina [Argentine peso]0.275277 %
CHF CHF Switzerland [Swiss franc]0.257655 %
CNY CNY China [Chinese yuan renminbi (RMB)]0.209222 %
XDR XDR IMF [Special drawing right]0.205275 %
HKD HKD Hong-Kong [Hong Kong dollar]0.201976 %
USD USD United States [US dollar]0.190769 %
SGD SGD Singapore [Singapore dollar]0.188927 %
EUR EUR Euroland [Euro]0.162075 %
INR INR India [Indian rupee]0.151231 %
TWD TWD Taiwan [New Taiwan dollar]0.148477 %
MXN MXN Mexico [Mexican peso]0.143825 %
GBP GBP Great-Britain [Pound sterling]0.088833 %
KRW KRW South Korea [South Korean won]0.081442 %
SEK SEK Sweden [Swedish krona]0.058221 %
AUD AUD Australia [Australian dollar]0.045627 %
XAU XAU Gold gram [Gold gram]0.000000 %
NOK NOK Norway [Norwegian krone]-0.014794 %
CAD CAD Canada [Canadian dollar]-0.264281 %
1 year :
CNY CNY China [Chinese yuan renminbi (RMB)]3.320896 %
TWD TWD Taiwan [New Taiwan dollar]2.287950 %
CAD CAD Canada [Canadian dollar]2.183276 %
USD USD United States [US dollar]1.386558 %
HKD HKD Hong-Kong [Hong Kong dollar]0.923205 %
GBP GBP Great-Britain [Pound sterling]0.280419 %
XAU XAU Gold gram [Gold gram]0.000000 %
SGD SGD Singapore [Singapore dollar]-0.276827 %
INR INR India [Indian rupee]-0.544527 %
XDR XDR IMF [Special drawing right]-1.441497 %
CHF CHF Switzerland [Swiss franc]-1.529076 %
BRL BRL Brazil [Brazilian real]-2.303307 %
MXN MXN Mexico [Mexican peso]-2.835931 %
NOK NOK Norway [Norwegian krone]-3.494721 %
EUR EUR Euroland [Euro]-5.368098 %
AUD AUD Australia [Australian dollar]-6.201992 %
KRW KRW South Korea [South Korean won]-6.402694 %
JPY JPY Japan [Japanese yen]-7.874224 %
SEK SEK Sweden [Swedish krona]-8.380435 %
ARS ARS Argentina [Argentine peso]-16.100489 %
Currency converter : More options
Enter an amount in the box field of your chosen currency and click here or another box field to see the converted amount.

Amounts can be entered with a comma or dot to separate the decimal part.
Be careful : some historic rates of minor currencies are not known a long way in the past.

XAUXAU Gold gram [Gold gram]
USDUSD United States [US dollar / $]
EUREUR Euroland [Euro / €]
AUDAUD Australia [Australian dollar / $ AU]
CADCAD Canada [Canadian dollar / $ CA]
CHFCHF Switzerland [Swiss franc / F CH]
CNYCNY China [Chinese yuan renminbi (RMB) / ¥]
GBPGBP Great-Britain [Pound sterling / £]
JPYJPY Japan [Japanese yen / ¥]
NZDNZD New-Zealand [New Zealand dollar / $ NZ]
ZARZAR South Africa [South African rand / R]
This page uses last published exchange rates on 22 January 2022 12:12 CEST.
For Gold (XAU), Silver (XAG), platinum (XPT) and Palladium (XPD), rates and amounts are expressed in grams (1 ounce=31.103 g).
All official rules are used